One Billion Happier People
One Billion Happier People
Steve Foran

Welcome to One Billion Happier People

Helping people be happier at work and a positive force in their workplace, home and community.

The story behind One Billion Happier People

My dream is one billion happier people. 


I’m a son, brother, husband, father and relatively newly minted grandfather. My kids poke fun at my gratitude work (air quotes) as we are heading to one billion with this on-line community that gives everyone easy access to the secrets of gratitude and grateful leadership. I’m a lifelong resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia and trying to do my part to make my community a better place to live.

A Big Thanks

To my parents, friends, colleagues and clients who are fellow believers in the power of grateful leadership to transform our world - thank you. And as I'm reminded, by my own written words, 

"knowledge is the lowest form of commitment"

I am grateful to each of you who do something with what you know about making gratitude a way of life and hope you find comfort in knowing you are leaving a legacy simply because of who you are.

Here's what we got when we asked:

What ONE WORD best describes how you feel because of your involvement in this
One Billion Happier People Community ?